The Magic of Larlion, Book 1, 

a new fantasy adventure series by Dee Maltby.

Join the adventure in January 2022!

The spell starts when the young wizard Beneban 

plunges off a mountain 

and into a whole lot of excitement.

Danger, romance, swordfights, adventures 

and even ice dragons are on the horizon, as Beneban fights for his freedom and his new friends.


Advance Praise for WIZARD STONE

"Readers of EARTHSEA and SHANNARA will enjoy WIZARD STONE, the adventure of Beneban, a young wizard on the run from his oppressive master. Along the way Beneban runs into new friends, new enemies, and a great many new dangers in this exciting fantasy adventure." 

-- Jonathan Moeller

author of THE GHOSTS and CLOAK MAGE series

More about WIZARD STONE...

Wizards don't have friends. Beneban believed this when he escaped from the clutches of Ztavin, the evil wizard with whom he'd apprenticed. But after freeing himself by making a bad bargain, his quest leads him to discover many wonders in the Kingdom of Larlion, including both enemies and allies. Much to his surprise, Beneban is befriended by strange and magical creatures… tiny Worfs, a giant horned feline, the mysterious and powerful Forest Lady, and a three-handed, fur-covered soldier in the Grand Lar's army. 

With treachery and danger on every side, can Beneban use his great powers and magical sword to save himself from assassins and a life of indentured service and fulfill his mission without betraying his new friends?


Cover Design: Mary Pat McCarthy  

McCarthy Arts and Letters

The Magic of Larlion...Coming soon!

WIZARD STONE will be available 

in print and ebook formats in early 2022, 

WIZARD WIND, book 2, will be published soon after, 

and WIZARD STORM, book 3, 

is thundering through its final edit 

for an early spring release. 

More news & links coming soon.